Nick Woodhouse

Nick Woodhouse
President and Chief Marketing Officer
Authentic Brands Group
Nick Woodhouse is a marketing and creative thought leader with a proven ability to launch, reposition and transform iconic consumer brands. With over three decades of experience, Woodhouse’s background spans the retail, branding, digital, sports, fashion, entertainment and marketing industries. Relentlessly results-driven, Woodhouse continues to be at the forefront of business and brand growth for Authentic Brands Group and its $21+ billion portfolio of global brands.

As President and CMO of ABG, Woodhouse has forged a path alongside CEO Jamie Salter, establishing the company’s point of marketing differentiation early on, with a digital-focused strategy prior to the advent of social media into mainstream marketing. Through his innovative approach to brand development and commitment to the end consumer, Woodhouse has transformed ABG’s owned channels into powerhouse media platforms.

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January 17
10:30 am11:00 am
Javits North Level 4, Room 404, Twilio Stage
Superbrands are able to depend on fiercely loyal customers, even when those customers have access to competing brands. Find out how to be the dominant player in your market through research, innovation and recognition to build long-term loyalty and trust. Authentic is the platform behind a portfolio of more than 50 iconic and world-renowned brands including Reebok, Spyder, Nautica, Juicy Couture… Read more