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Melanie Frank


Sr. Marketing Advisor
ACCEO Solutions Inc.
Melanie Frank is a creative and visionary marketing executive with over 15 years of extensive marketing experience and knowledge in the retail software industry. She has held the title of Director of Marketing, where she led a team in developing and implementing marketing strategies for a leading software firm. She currently holds the title of Senior Marketing Advisor for ACCEO Solutions, where she is responsible for creating, developing, and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns, communications, product branding, and positioning and product innovation for the Retail-1 software.

Speaking in:

Sunday Jan 12
3:15 - 3:45 PM
Stage 2, Expo, Level 1
Today’s consumers increasingly favor sustainable companies that minimize their impact on people and the planet. The rise of social consciousness has each generation of consumers expecting companies to take a stand on current relevant issues... Read more