Matthew Pavich

Matthew Pavich
Matthew Pavich
Sr. Director, Retail Innovation
Matthew is Revionics’ Sr. Director, Strategy & Innovation. He specializes in Pricing & Retail Strategy, Corporate Strategy & Customer Focused Solutions. Matt is a leader in Pricing Strategy Development, Business Strategy Development & overall Corporate Strategy. Matt has a strong merchant background and experience with C-Level presentations. He has 20+ years of experience in Retail encompassing Consulting, Buying, Pricing, and Marketing across a variety of retail verticals, industries, and regions. Matt has over 10 years of driving customer-focused success at Revionics, an Aptos Company.

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January 15
2:15 pm3:00 pm
Expo, Level 3, Expo Stage 3

Hear the story of a top Norwegian grocery retailer unlocking dynamic pricing to become the price image leader in a hypercompetitive market. Leveraging Revionics’ leading AI data platform and electronic shelf labels, REMA delivers optimized prices to their stores throughout the day to maintain their price leadership. Don’t be undercut by competitors. Join Revionics and the… Read more