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Matt Hirst

Matt Hirst

Sr. HR, Organization Development, leadership and business talent leader
University of Texas at Arlington
Matthew Hirst is a senior business leader, talent strategist, coach, consultant, university instructor, and organizational psychologist. He has over 20 years of mid- to senior-level experience in operations, employee relations, organizational readiness, talent planning, organizational communications, and leadership development, most within Fortune 500 retail and financial services organizations.

Matt is currently completing a Ph.D. dissertation in psychology, having already completed all of the coursework. He also holds a doctoral-level specialist degree in educational leadership, a master’s degree in management, and undergraduate degrees in management and finance.

Speaking in:

Monday Jan 13
9:15 - 10:00 AM
Stage 5, Expo, Level 3
We know that it is critical to provide communication, recognition and growth for our retail team members. Before you issue an RFP and begin that process, you need to gather a list of needs and requirements. Join us this year and hear from retailers... Read more