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Marcos Gouvêa de Souza

Marcos Gouvêa de Souza
Gouvêa de Souza

General Director
Grupo GS& - Gouvêa de Souza
Marcos Gouvêa de Souza is the founder, senior partner and managing director of GS&MD - Gouvêa de Souza, a retail consulting company operating since 1989, focused on marketing, retail and distribution. He is board member and ex- Chairman of Ebeltoft Group, a global alliance of retail consulting firms, which includes 25 members, representing 26 countries. He is also a founder and board member of IDV – Retail Development Institute, an organization that brings the most important national and international retailers operating in Brazil. He is also a founder and board member of IFB - Brazil Food Service Institute - that congregates suppliers, distributors and operators of this segment. He also participates, representing IDV, at FIRA (Forum for International Retail Association Executives). He is shareholder and board member of Primetour and Primetravel, companies operating in the Travel sector. Mr. Gouvêa is a frequent speaker in events involving retail, franchising, e-commerce and Shopping Centers in Brazil, U.S. and Europe, being also author of more than 650 articles, in national and international publications. He is coordinator-author or co-author of many books in management, global business, retail and distribution such as Alliances for Success in Retail (2007), Market & Consumption – The Present and the Future in Retail (2007), Data & Retail (2008), Focus on Retail – the most recent store innovations in Brazil and the world (2008), The fifth wave in retail services (2007), Alliances for the Retail Future (2008), Neoconsumer – Digital, Multichannel and Global (2009), Metaconsumer – the market transformation by the global consumer perception about sustainability and conscious consumption (2010), Business reinvention in the Omniera (2015). His book Brand & Distribution - developing strategic dominance and competitive advantage in the global market (1993), won the Jabuti Prize, the highest award for books published in Brazil.

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Tuesday Jan 14
12:00 - 12:30 PM
Shyft Stage, Level 4
How do organizations stay relevant to their stakeholders in an age of rapid change? Can traditional business structures and strategies provide the ability to innovate, react and, better anticipate stakeholder interests? This session explores how... Read more