Manolo Almagro

Manolo Almagro
Manolo Almagro
Senior Manager
Manolo “Manny” Almagro, is a Senior Manager in EY’s tech consulting practice, where he combines his expertise in, Data, AI, and Automation to modernize and transform the retail industry. Through his problem-solving prowess and innovative methods, Almagro bridges the gap between digital and physical retail spaces, bringing out improvements in the industry's operations and store experiences.

Possessing an in-depth understanding of tech applications in a retail landscape, Manolo navigates the intricacies of Generative AI, Large Vision Models, and advanced data analytics. These tools serve as catalysts in his mission to revolutionize retail from conventional physical stores to dynamic spaces facilitated by digital technology.

Almagro is an achiever in his field, with +20 years of retail expertise and numerous contributions to creating engaging in-store experiences using digital surfaces. His notable projects involve using dynamic digital signage to enhance customer engagement and improve revenue management strategies.

Adding to his list of achievements, Manny is named as an inventor on US digital signage software patent #6038545. This highlights his proficiency in introducing digital innovations into the physical retail space.

Almagro extends his approach to using unconventional data sets by incorporating social intelligence, generative AI, and computer vision tools to help retailers and brands gain deep insights into consumer behavior, optimize store operations, and create hyper-personalized experiences, thereby transforming physical retail spaces into digitized hubs of customer engagement.

Speaking in:

January 13
1:30 pm2:05 pm
Javits North, Level 4
Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE, will present his vision for what he calls the 'sentient store' and then host a panel of experts. They will discuss multiple technologies and innovations being deployed within the connected store – including smart carts, the new Sunrise 2027 barcodes, enhanced RFID at scale, virtual concierge technology, next-generation digital electronic shelf labels, and the… Read more