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Loretta Chao


Director, International Corporate Affairs
Lori Chao is a Director of International Communications at, China’s largest retailer, online or offline. Prior to joining JD in New York she was at The Wall Street Journal for 12 years, where she covered business and technology. She was a foreign correspondent in Brazil and China, and won awards for her reporting on the Chinese tech sector. She was part of the team that started the Journal’s logistics vertical, and wrote about the many ways that e-commerce is changing global supply chains and the future of retail.

Lori assists with outreach to brands, technology and logistics partners around the world for JD, which, in addition to being the largest retailer, operates China’s largest and most technologically advanced nationwide distribution network. JD leads the industry in robotics and automation, and was the first e-commerce company in the world to deploy delivery drones.

Speaking in:

Wednesday Jan 16
2:15 - 3:00 PM
Marriott Marquis, 5th Fl, Westside Ballroom, Salon 3
Retail supply chains are continuously being challenged to build new online fulfillment capabilities, lower costs and increase speed of delivery. In this future oriented fireside chat we will explore a range of solutions retailers are deploying, from... Read more