Kristin Patrick

Kristin Patrick
EVP and Chief Marketing Officer
Kristin is a forward-thinking executive, who has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Claire's since March 2021. Building on the fashion brand’s more than 50 years of leadership as a global creator and influencer of youth culture, Kristin plays a vital role in taking the brand into the future. As a driving force for the brand’s evolution, Kristin has spearheaded a new brand platform and creative, while also introducing new experiences that connect on a deeper level with the brand's Gen Zalpha (Z and Alpha) customers and their phygital worlds. In the course of her career, Kristin has been responsible for repositioning brands across lifestyle industries, including entertainment, beauty, fashion and CPG. She most recently served as the global CMO of PepsiCo, responsible for delivering the company’s long-term global growth strategy and expansion plans across the entire billion-dollar portfolio of brands.

Speaking in:

January 15
2:00 pm2:30 pm
Javits North Level 4, Room 406, UST Stage
Just when you think you know this complex demographic, they pivot - and so must you. Come along on a journey of research and relevance as a panel of experts explores Gen Z’s sentiments and discusses what drives their purchasing decisions. And, no discussion of Gen Z would be complete without delving into their take on the hot topics du jour - including the Metaverse, sustainability and luxury.