Kelly Leger

Kelly Leger
Kelly Leger
Managing Director
Deloitte Digital
Kelly Leger is a Managing Director in Deloitte Digital’s Customer & Marketing practice, with a specific focus on the Data and Identity offerings. She helps translate the leading tactics in digital identity from traditional offline CRM/database assets into the world of advertising, marketing, and digital media.

Before joining Deloitte Digital, Kelly was a Senior Vice President of Growth and Product at Merkury powered by Merkle. She helped to create and launch M1, both in the US and across EMEA, Dentsu’s people-based audience planning and insights tool, for which she is a co-founder and patent holder. 

Kelly also served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Solutions at V12 Group, Inc., with responsibility for the creation of the digital product, strategic direction, implementation, and technical planning for V12 Group's Digital division.  Prior to V12 Group, she spent three years working in the emerging field of online Audience Targeting and Onboarding at Oracle Datalogix.

An industry expert in digital data, identity, audience and people-based media tactics, Kelly has over 20 years’ experience in data solutions, business development, strategic planning and product development for agencies, holding companies, ad tech, and data providers. She holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Relations from Marquette University.

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