Kelly Breitenbecher

Kelly Breitenbecher
Kelly Breitenbecher
Chief Experience Officer
Evolve Information Systems
Kelly Breitenbecher is a CIO, COO, and executive leader in Digital and IT Strategy and Development. Currently, she is Chief Experience Officer at Evolve Information Systems. Previously, she helped leading retailers including Advance Auto Parts, Petco and Circuit City, achieve digital transformations across all functions in retail and lead initiatives that build seamless end-to-end customer experiences.

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January 17
12:30 pm1:15 pm
Expo, Level 3, Expo Stage 3
Supply chain disruptions, store labor shortages, new shopper journeys, and new professional shopper personas are all forcing retailers to re-think how they get products on the shelf, and how they keep them there. In this panel discussion you'll hear from leading retail executives on how the latest technologies like mobile, cloud, and AI are being used to successfully transform the experience at… Read more