Julian Krenge

Julian Krenge
Julian Krenge
Co-founder & CTO
Julian Krenge is co-founder and CTO of parcelLab. He is passionate about creating tech that is functional, seamless and well-built to fulfill needs. As CTO, Julian's focus remains on the product: its development, vision and how it can connect people and brands. In just five years, Julian has grown the platform from parcelLab's first customer to now over 550+ customers operating in 153 countries, sending over 13 million emails a day.

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January 15
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As acquisition costs rise, and customer purse strings tighten, retailers must look to new avenues for revenue. Retaining customers through a robust post-purchase experience is a key factor in achieving and maintaining sustainable growth. Through proactive communications, branded tracking pages, and digital returns portals, retailers can earn customer loyalty and carry their curated in-store… Read more