Jessica Binns

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Jessica Binns
Managing Editor
Sourcing Journal
Jessica Binns is the managing editor and technology editor for Sourcing Journal. She has been reporting on the business of fashion for well more than a decade. In her role overseeing a bicoastal editorial newsroom in New York and Los Angeles, she is responsible for guiding content on the sector's biggest issues, from sustainability, circularity and ethical labor practices to technology, logistics, retail trends and material innovation.

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January 14
12:45 pm1:15 pm
River Pavilion, goTRG Stage
Well managed supply chains can drive significant cost-savings, generating additional value for the business. Across the supply chain, common themes have emerged, from the explosion of e-commerce to the need for real-time visibility, and ultimately a synchronized and resilient supply chain. Achieving that synchronization with its customer base and resiliency, however, can be a challenge, requiring… Read more