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Jennifer Walsh


Walk with Walsh Media
Jennifer is on a mission to get more people outdoors, to understand the power of walking in nature, and the impact and importance of green spaces in our offices, homes, hospitals, schools and our cities. She is bridging the gap between brain health and nature.

Jennifer Walsh is a true architect of the beauty, retail landscape. Creating the very first omni-channel beauty brand in the US in 1998, she changed the way people shopped for beauty. Her creation of Beauty Bar was that vehicle that allowed its early shoppers to see & try out niche beauty products in her brick & mortar stores, her website, and weekly TV show. Jennifer grew her business until she sold the company in 2010. Amazon now owns the Beauty Bar/

Since selling off her first business, Jennifer has created multiple brands and has worked with brands both overseas and within the states that are rolling out products, stores or trying to create a footprint in the US market.

Jennifer intuitively knew that her connection to the beauty industry was always deep rooted in its connection to nature and how we connect with that nature around us. Jennifer began spending time with neuroscientists around the country to learn more about our connection to nature and its effects on the brain. She began working with companies around the country that were trying to infuse nature into programs, into businesses, and into schools. This not only meant Wellness Walks with Walsh programs but also showcasing the importance of greenspaces and biophilia. The Walk with Walsh video series was created to tell stories not only in a new way (as in hosting walking interviews) but to drive home the importance of what makes healthy leaders.

Speaking in:

Sunday Jan 12
12:00 - 12:30 PM
Kustomer Stage, Hall E, Level 1
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