Jemma Spiers-Ware

Jemma Spiers-Ware
Senior Director 3D Experience (3DX)
Tommy Hilfiger
Jemma Spiers-Ware has 17 years of experience in the fashion design and development for luxury and Premium fashion houses. Focusing on 3D and digital experiences, the future of fashion visualization and D&D. With a focus on branded experiences, from B2B to consumer, working in advanced digital product creation, AR, VR, XR tech, gaming and Web3 – pushing the envelope and shaping the next iteration of digital to create braded experiences for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein community.

Speaking in:

January 15
1:15 pm1:45 pm
Javits North Level 4, Room 404, Twilio Stage
Early metaverse platforms are already transforming how people interact and share experiences, offering new ways and immersive virtual spaces for engagement. Brands are embracing these digital spaces as a way to build communities and connect. In this session speakers from Tommy Hilfiger & NARS join Roblox, to discuss how they are driving brand poisoning by investing in virtual stores, building… Read more