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Jeff Donaldson


Jeff Donaldson is a founding management team member and former CIO of GameStop. Donaldson now delivers “Automated by Design” services through Intriosity, a design firm that uses Design Research and Design Thinking methods to identify, specify and materialize innovation opportunities addressable with robotics and artificial intelligence technologies.

Donaldson launched Intriosity to help companies capture the emergent value of robotics and AI in new, innovative areas of customer experience design, organizational capability development and human productivity advancement. Donaldson, who automated complex processes and data science driven decision-making over the span of a decade in the airline industry prior to helping build GameStop from startup to Fortune 500 retailer, is guided by the principle that automation initiatives are best driven by methods proven by the Design industry. “Automated by Design” uses these proven Design methods, a specialized process decomposition mapping methodology, and technology scouting, to identify and address high-value automation opportunities.

Donaldson serves on the Advisory Board of RevTech Ventures, a retail venture capital investment firm in Dallas, Texas, where he is also Executive In Residence. Donaldson is a member of the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Design Council and on the Advisory Board of Northwestern University's RAC (Retail Analytics Council) Retail Robotics Initiative.

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Monday Jan 14
9:30 - 10:00 AM
Innovation Stage, Level 4
By 2021, 75% of retailers will be using AI /Intelligent Automation for supply chain and demand forecasting, consumer intelligence, and marketing campaign management. In this session, Katherine Cullen (Director, Retail and Consumer insights, NRF),... Read more