Jeff Courcelle

Jeff Courcelle
Jeff Courcelle
VP, User Experience & Chief Designer
As the VP of User Experience & Chief Designer for MicroStrategy, Jeff leads the vision for MicroStrategy’s mission of Intelligence Everywhere, creating products and tools that let customers create world class AI/BI Application experiences ranging from dashboards and reports to bespoke custom mobile applications and AI agents. With over 25 years of UX experience, Jeff is on the foremost edge of UX, designing a new generation of experiences at the intersection of AI and BI.

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January 15
9:15 am10:00 am
Expo, Level 1, Expo Stage 2
Imagine being able to answer any business question without the need to open a report or engage an analyst. Now imagine if everyone in your organization had that superpower. This is the promise of Generative AI. Leveraging a semantic layer, trusted data and shared business definitions, Generative AI makes it possible for anyone to surface new insights, explore key drivers and take immediate action… Read more