Jan Madsen

Jan Madsen
Jan Madsen
Lobyco A/S
Talking about the digital transformation in grocery retail, Jan is the kind of thought-leader, you want to listen to. He is the CEO of Lobyco, a young SaaS “rocket” in the industry and his flair for smart grocery retailing is making success all over the European market. Seasoned from McKinsey and international FMCG companies, he joined the executive team of a leading Scandinavian grocery retailer in 2010 and shortly after he spearheaded this century’s largest transformation in North European retail. Seizing the large business opportunity, he led the implementation of a digital loyalty ecosystem that leaped his company way in front of competitors – and set a new standard for local and international markets. With these learnings and app tech, Lobyco was carved out of the retailer, and has now grown successful in empowering retailers internationally and creating fun and frictionless shopping experiences.

Speaking in:

January 16
11:45 am12:15 pm
Expo, Level 3, Expo Stage 3

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