James Boushka

James Boushka
Digital Experience Director
James is the current Digital Experience Director for Aramark’s Workplace Experience Group and leads a holistic, data-driven approach to create opportunities for global Fortune 500 organizations who cultivate ideas into reality. He provides visionary leadership in leveraging partnership business models to fashion dynamic, human-centric experiences rooted in the science and art of digital disruption.

Speaking in:

January 16
11:00 am11:30 am
Expo, Level 1, Food Service Tech Stage
Time. The precious resource so few restauranteurs and hospitality veterans have. From preparation and production to serving guests to paying invoices, there are no shortage of mundane tasks essential to a well-functioning restaurant. Rising labor costs, guest demand for speed, and shrinking profit margins are propelling the industry to embrace automation as a marker for impactful success.… Read more