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Jake Knowles


Senior Retail Consultant
Jake is a retail SME, having worked with globally recognised clients, including IKEA, BP Retail, Specsavers, Screwfix, Mothercare, and Kingfisher. Jake has a strong plethora of consulting credentials and is an experienced leader of teams, workshops, group sessions and panels. Jake is an experienced project stream lead and has excellent experience leading mixed consulting and client teams to deliver strategic change across the UK and internationally. Jake is a personable and engaging operator, who is an effective communicator to stakeholders of all seniorities. He is also a thought leader in the retail space, Jake has hosted two American CEOs on the BJSS Retail podcast (Rob Smith – The Phluid Project and Jack Carlson – Rowing Blazers). He has been a guest on two episodes of the Retail Transformation Show, regularly conducts analysis of the latest retail industry news in his column Jake’s Takes.

Speaking in:

Monday Jan 13
12:00 - 12:30 PM
Kustomer Stage, Hall E, Level 1

You could have the best strategy, product or website in the market; but without passionate, knowledgeable and motivated colleagues, you'll go nowhere. And there's also the fact that your customers want everything, right now and at the...

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