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Heather Deeth

Heather Deeth

Manager, Ethical Buying
Lush Cosmetics North America
Heather Deeth is responsible for the operations and execution of Lush’s raw material supply chain including over 400 ingredients and the thousands of packaging items that make up Lush’s fresh, handmade products.

It is Heather’s responsibility to maintain operational performance of the supply chain for the company’s two factories, alongside ensuring Lush’s strict ethical standards on non-animal testing, fair pay and conditions for workers and having a reduced environmental impact are upheld and progressed throughout all levels of supply.

Her work has taken her to the agricultural region of Northern Uganda, the argan forests of Morocco, the banks of the Amazon River and manufacturing facilities throughout Asia in search of the highest quality and sustainable materials that make a difference for the people and places the originate.

For the last six years Heather has also led her team in developing long term investment projects designed to support economic growth and regeneration in areas that have suffered environmental degradation through conflict, climate change and natural disaster. Through the Sustainable Lush Fund, Heather’s team supports the creation of agroforestry systems to revitalize the environment, engages with farmers to create appropriate long term development and builds value adding processing close to where the ingredients are grown.

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Sunday Jan 12
12:00 - 12:30 PM
Kustomer Stage, Hall E, Level 1
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