Hannes Leobacher

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Hannes Leobacher
Head of IT
With a background in business administration, IT, retail and leadership, his career expands over several disciplines including software engineering, project management, retail technology as well as service and customer management.
With over 20 years of experience in retail IT, he is part of the management team of SPAR ICS, the IT service provider for the SPAR Austrian Group.

Together with more than 600 enthusiastic experts Hannes is creating the retail future for one of the leading food retailers in central Europe.

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January 16
1:00 pm1:45 pm
Expo, Level 1, Expo Stage 1
Retailers are in a moment of AI opportunity. From deepening customer loyalty via innovative shopping experiences to maximizing operational efficiency through precision analytics, applying generative and traditional AI to retail challenges is a top-priority for organizations of all sizes. But for many, incompatibility of sources and formats across their data-estates continues to limit their AI… Read more