Guy Yehiav

Guy Yehiav
Guy Yehiav
SmartSense by Digi
Guy Yehiav is the President of SmartSense by Digi. He is a recognized thought leader in retail, CPG, supply chain, and complex manufacturing with a proven track record of success in M&A, Customer Success, B2B enterprise software solutions, SaaS metrics, and AI & IoT solutions. Guy most recently served as the GM and VP of Zebra Analytics. He strategized, developed and delivered the overall AI, machine learning, and analytics strategy by driving M&A and the development of enterprise solutions.

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January 16
1:00 pm1:45 pm
Expo, Level 3, Expo Stage 3
As concern over supply chain crime grows, retail executives are working to uncover new strategies to prevent losses from supply chain diversions and other frauds perpetuated by organized crime, while at the same time reducing waste (which turns into shrink) from improper holding conditions. While costs associated with continuously tracking individual items across the supply chain are a factor,… Read more