Frederico Nicolay

Frederico Nicolay
Frederico Nicolay
Senior Manager
Frederico stands as a distinguished professional, with a Law degree from UCP and an Executive MBA from Insper. His career narrative is characterized by a wealth of experience in sales, ecommerce, marketplace and product development.

In his current capacity as Senior Manager at iFood, the largest Brazilian foodtech, Frederico takes the reins of a transformative role. As the leader responsible for iFood's gift card program, he orchestrates initiatives that go beyond traditional sales strategies. Frederico's innovative approach leverages the power of gift cards, not only as a revenue stream but as a dynamic tool for customer engagement and loyalty.

His unique fusion of legal acumen and business insight is harnessed to make the gift card program a cornerstone of iFood's success story.

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January 14
3:15 pm3:45 pm
Expo, Level 1, Expo Stage 2
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