Francois Paquin

Francois Paquin
Francois Paquin
Senior Operations Manager
The ALDO Group
Mr. François Paquin is senior operations manager at ALDO Group. His career began 20 years ago as a sales associate at ALDO while completing his studies in business administration and project management.

He held several positions always as its main mandate the optimization of store operations and maximizing labor efficiency. Workforce management has been his main focus in the past years in order to improve associates' relations, enhance customer service and create a positive financial impact.

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January 15
2:15 pm3:00 pm
Expo, Level 3, Expo Stage 4
In today's fast-paced retail environment, maximizing employee engagement and labor efficiency simultaneously is essential. Dive into the future of workforce management with us, where the key to thriving lies in intelligent, automated, and employee-centric strategies. This session illuminates how top-tier retailers like Rite Aid, Aldo Group, and Cinemark are revolutionizing their operations.… Read more