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Francois Laxalt

Francois Laxalt

Sr. Dir., Product Marketing
Francois Laxalt is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Tinyclues. Prior, Francois led product marketing and innovation for Adobe Campaign for 10 years. Francois was Director of Customer Marketing at HSBC for 5 years where he formed the consumer marketing team and successfully developed CRM, campaign management, business intelligence, and data science strategies. Laxalt also worked for various software companies, including SAS and Datadistilleries.

Laxalt holds a Master of Science in marketing and data science.

Speaking in:

Tuesday Jan 15
2:00 - 2:30 PM
Stage 1, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Marketers have millions of customers and billions of data points. They also have promotions, product priorities, and goals they need to achieve. How do you articulate the two? Previously, this was solved by a “switchboard,” or an...

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