Evan Hovorka

Evan Hovorka
Evan Hovorka
VP, Product and Innovation
Albertsons Media Collective
Evan Hovorka is Vice President of Product and Innovation at Albertsons Media Collective. Evan and his team focus mainly on the expansion and diversification of Albertsons Media Collective’s product mix, adtech stack and capabilities through strong collaboration and key external partnerships. By assessing market demand, Evan and his team have been able to uncover and build solutions for a variety of advertisers and consumer concerns.

Evan was an instrumental part of the team that took retail media in-house at Albertsons. In the first year after the launch of Albertsons Media Collective, he was able to leverage insights to design and build patented, industry-leading, products that drive growth for the organization and the Retail Media industry as a whole.

Evan’s 20+ year industry experience across innovation, data, privacy, and business, combined with his deep passion for finding solutions to complex problems, has allowed Evan to redefine what’s possible for Albertsons’ retail media offering.

Evan’s dedication to innovation and collaborative problem-solving began in his at-home garage. Now, “The Garage”, is an Albertsons Media Collective mindset and mantra that drives growth and industry-leading innovation while maximizing partnerships, capitalizing on opportunities, and building solutions.

Prior to his time at Albertsons Media Collective, Evan was at Target for over 17 years in various roles from Senior Data Analyst to Director of Business Development and Monetization Products for Target’s retail media network, Roundel.

At Roundel, Evan managed digital media channels and drove product and partnerships, taking the retail media network from launch to its first billion-dollar year.

Evan holds an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

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