Erika McKibben

Erika McKibben
Erika McKibben
Director of Operations
As Lids' Director of Operations, I strategically oversee all retail operations for the premier licensed sports headwear and apparel brand. With a Master's in Sport Event Tourism, I've risen through the ranks from Project Coordinator, leveraging skills in project management to streamline inventory, optimize distribution, and enhance customer service. Committed to retail excellence, I deliver high-quality products and services that elevate the fan experience while fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within Lids.

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January 15
2:15 pm3:00 pm
Expo, Level 1, Expo Stage 1
Join the LIDS and StoreForce team as we discuss the five key tactics contributing to LIDS’ global expansion of over 1300 stores. Together, each tactic plays a significant role in solving their workforce puzzle. LIDS has mastered its operational approach. In this session, you will gain insights into strategically managing lean labor, fostering employee engagement, developing internal programs,… Read more