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Erhan Ark


Founder and CEO
Pick ’n’ Watch™
After his successful exit from the tech company that grew over 200 employees and 15M active users in the world's biggest IOT electronic toll collection system, he started his next game changer IoT project in Silicon Valley.

Spending years in the family-owned retail stores since the age of ten, gave him the understanding and insight of the retail industry. After this experience he switched to the tech industry in 1999. He has 18 years of technology market experience at product development, sales, and business development. His main focus is on RFID & IOT technologies since 2007. He has a degree from SCS at Stanford University.

Right now there is more pressure on the retailers ever before. His mission is building Pick ‘n’ Watch™ business partner network to re-empower retailers and brands close the innovation gap between online and offline shopping convenience and help retailers adapt in the age of Amazon.

Pick ‘n’ Watch™ presents products in a really easy to understand way for shoppers at the exact moment they touch the products, increases engagement and boosts sales for the retailers. The online management dashboard collects interaction data from the products to measure marketing success and conversion rates just like Microsoft Retail, Logitech, MediaMarkt, ACE Hardware, Sony, TP-Link is doing right now.

Speaking in:

Monday Jan 14
12:15 - 12:45 PM
Innovation Stage, Level 4
Advances in retail technology have enabled consumers to shop for anything, anywhere, at any time, forcing retailers to rapidly adapt in order to provide a seamless and smart customer experience. In part two of the Innovation Lab pitch sessions, we... Read more