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David Marcotte


SVP, Strategic Advisory Services
Kantar Consulting, WPP
David Marcotte, Senior Vice President, Retail Insights, leads cross-border, cross-industry and complex processes for all things touching retail. He regularly speaks and consults on these topics, as well as merchandising, store design and real estate, loss prevention, pricing, supply chain, convenience, and business intelligence. He has also written a number of papers and articles, including the 2010 ‘Retailing in Emergent Markets’ study, of which a portion was re-printed in the December 2010 Harvard Business Review. Mr. Marcotte was the technical editor for ‘The Data Warehouse Mentor’ in 2011, and in 2012 he co-wrote PwC’s ‘Survey on Retail in 2020.’

Prior to Kantar Retail he was the Business Intelligence lead for IBM in the Americas. Prior to IBM, he spent 20 years in retail, half in the stores and half in executive management for operations, procurement, risk, category management, and pricing. He has also been a member of the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Group, Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), and the IBM Academy of Sciences.

Mr. Marcotte graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S.E.D. in Elementary and Special Education with an emphasis on social statistical analysis and music composition.

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Tuesday Jan 15
9:30 - 10:00 AM
Innovation Stage, Level 4
How will retailers manage grocery stores in 2030? Will there be flying cars and transporter beams? Dial back the hype, but don’t count on the same ‘old. New research from Kantar Consulting, in partnership with the Coca-Cola Retailing... Read more