Darin Detwiler

Darin Detwiler
Founder and CEO
Detwiler Consulting Group, LLC
Dr. Darin Detwiler is the Founder and CEO of Detwiler Consulting Group, LLC, as well as an author, columnist, consultant, academic, and “Food Safety Icon” who has served in appointed or other advisory capacities for the USDA, the FDA, NEHA, and more.

As a professor of food policy, his research and insights have served as keynote presentations before industry audiences and have appeared in magazines and newspaper articles, chapters, his own books FOOD SAFETY: PAST, PRESENT, AND PREDICTIONS and BUILDING THE FUTURE OF FOOD SAFETY TECHNOLOGY, and in the 2023 Netflix documentary “Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food.”

Dr. Detwiler is the recipient of the International Association for Food Protection’s 2022 Ewen C.D. Todd Control of Foodborne Illness Award as well as their 2018 Distinguished Service Award for dedicated and exceptional contributions to the reduction of risks of foodborne illness.

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January 14
11:00 am11:30 am
Level 1, Special Events Hall, Amazon Pay Stage
Are retailers doing enough to protect their customers from foodborne illnesses and what are retailers doing to keep their food safe? The answers to these questions are key to ensuring not only the safety but the longevity of your business. In this session, using FDA food safety ratings and first-hand customer experiences, Logile will discuss how Thermal Intelligence™ will close the gaps in how… Read more