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Carla Li

Carla Li

Global Head of Product for Sponsorship/Business Processes
Niantic Labs
Carla Li leads the integration of businesses into AR and geo-based game experiences at Niantic, which has encouraged more than one billion players to go outside and discover new experiences through Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and other games.

Carla's team focuses on how businesses from around the world could leverage AR and geo-based gameplay to engage customers at mass scale, delight customers, and achieve business impact.

Speaking in:

Monday Jan 13
1:30 - 2:00 PM
Stage 5, Expo, Level 3
The Experience Economy, published 20 years ago, asserted that future economic growth would arise from the value of experiences and transformations; goods and services alone being insufficient, requiring businesses to orchestrate memorable events for... Read more