Bryan Gildenberg

Bryan Gildenberg
Bryan Gildenberg
Confluencer Commerce, LLC
Bryan is Managing Director of Retail Cities North America. In this role, Bryan works with Retail Cities’ North American experts to assist clients on the future of retail in both syndicated and project-based engagements.

Simultaneously, Bryan is the founder and CEO of Confluencer Commerce LLC, a main contributor to “The CPG Guys” weekly series of podcasts, and a member of Retail Cities’ advisory board. Bryan’s other activities are complimentary to the entire Retail Cities offer and a key asset as we develop member-based workshops on difficult issues facing the CPG industry in the USA and Canada.

Prior to leading Retail Cities North America, Bryan recently worked with Omnicom as head of global ecommerce for agency, in that role from 2020 through 2022.
Pre-2020, Bryan was Kantar’s Chief Retail Knowledge Officer for over two decades, setting the direction for Kantar when it came to retail insights and making sure Kantar’s top tier clients had the best retail insights the company could provide.

Bryan lives in the New York Metro area, has an MBA from Babson University, and is a frequent guest presenter at major conferences in the retail universe.

Speaking in:

January 13
2:20 pm3:00 pm
Javits North, Level 4
Retail media network buyers are leaning into CTV. The majority of RMN buyers -- at least 63% -- already invest in off-site display and video tactics like CTV, 15% more than other ad tactics. Topics include: the effect of the recent Netflix announcement about viewer data transparency by title on the entire CTV ecosystem, the potential of linking CTV to RMN, and the future of "integrated audiences… Read more