Ann Sung Ruckstuhl

Ann Sung Ruckstuhl
Ann Sung Ruckstuhl
Ann Sung Ruckstuhl is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Manhattan Associates. In this role, she is responsible for generating awareness and demand for Manhattan’s supply chain and omnichannel commerce solutions. With over two decades of high-tech marketing and product management leadership, Ruckstuhl is an established Silicon Valley executive who has built successful start-ups and transformed Fortune 500 companies.

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January 14
2:45 pm3:15 pm
River Pavilion, goTRG Stage

Driven by changing customer expectations, the retail ecosystem is transforming fast and retailers need to be prepared to meet these demands in real time. This means having solutions that are flexible, agile and can scale to efficiently manage operations and stay ahead of the continuous changes in consumer demand, macroeconomic pressures, and supply chain uncertainties. This can be achieved… Read more