Amira El-Gawly

Amira El-Gawly
Amira El-Gawly
Founder and CEO
Amira El-Gawly is an entrepreneur, coach and writer with over 15 years guiding executives and brands to design elevated and impactful experiences, both internal and external, that are authentically aligned to their company's mission and values. El-Gawly is the founder and CEO of Manifesta, a leadership and workplace culture consultancy with a focus on team alignment, wellbeing and performance. She speaks and coaches on a number of topics, and is most known for her strategies on strengths-based leadership and compassion at work. El-Gawly is also the founder of St. Plant, a business designed to reconnect humans with nature through meaningful products and experiences. Her favorite plant’s name is Dolly.

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January 16
10:30 am11:00 am
Special Events Hall, Level 1, The FQ Equality Lounge

Traditionally feminine qualities have long been undervalued in the workplace — but those are the traits the workforce seeks in today's leadership. In fact, 72% of people believe we need a new definition of “leader” in today’s world, according to a recent study conducted by The Female Quotient and Deloitte. In this discussion, we explore why feminine strengths are taking center stage in today's… Read more