Amber Roberts

Amber Roberts
Amber Roberts
Partnership Director
Amber Roberts is the Partnership Director at Threefold, part of the SMG agency network, where she leads the team building retailer partnerships in North America. Amber joined Threefold in 2023.

As a seasoned retail veteran, Amber has spent nearly two decades working across the industry, from Fortune 100 and Global 300 companies to startups. Amber previously spent about four years working for Kroger, where she was one of the first digital hires, established the framework for its current RMN offering and launched several multi-billion dollar businesses and alternative revenue streams.

Most recently, Amber worked as a consultant for small- and mid-sized grocery retailers to develop their omnichannel marketing strategies.

Speaking in:

January 13
1:00 pm1:30 pm
Javits North, Level 4
What tools exist for marketers to reach shoppers who visited store areas and didn’t convert? How can in-store content be curated based on in-store behavior? How will in-store behavior be tied to online behavior to allow for full engagement across the entire shopping journey? These capabilities are the holy grail of in-store engagement and network monetization. This session breaks down how, as… Read more