Aaron Levant

Aaron Levant
38-year-old LA-native Aaron Levant is a multifaceted mastermind whose business savvy helped birth countless cultural evolutions. Levant’s inherent entrepreneurial spirit was set in motion in the fourth grade when he designed and sold his own car magazines to schoolmates. After struggling with dyslexia and ultimately dropping out of school at 16, Levant founded lifestyle trade show Agenda and grew it into a nationwide event before creating the world-renowned ComplexCon festival. As the current Chief Executive Officer of NTWRK, North America’s premiere livestream shopping app, Levant merges all silos of the entertainment sector onto a single, direct ecommerce channel for the world’s top artists and their fans. Levant’s relentless pursuit of innovation and unbridled passion for creation enable him to push the limits of modern commerce and position NTWRK at the forefront of fashion, culture, events and media.

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January 18
10:30 am11:00 am
Amazon is both the leader in US e-commerce and runs the most successful marketplace. Despite their success, they are not one to follow for inspiration. Will they bring us the future of retail innovation? For everyone else trying to stand out, that entails building a different marketplace, one that looks at the supply and demand parts of the two-sided system differently. Let's explore the options… Read more