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Aaron Levant


Once a graffiti kid, at 19 years old, Aaron Levant founded Agenda, the biggest, brightest, most progressive, and competitive trade show for streetwear, trying to fill a void in youth culture and putting everything he enjoyed in one place. What started as a humble grouping, is now a 6 show, 4 city expo showcasing over 1,000 exhibitors. In 2016, Levant launched ComplexCon with Pharrell Williams - an event that drew all kinds of consumers and stars including Takashi Murakami, Virgil Abloh, and Jaden Smith. That’s a solid 18 years’ worth of experience across fashion, retail, events, and media. But now at age 32, Levant is stepping away from it all. Levant has left Agenda and ComplexCon to launch the latest and biggest venture, NTWRK. The app is the combination of mobile content, ease of ordering, celebrity entertainment and collectible product scarcity. Levant is creating the next wave of video commerce with NTWRK.

Speaking in:

Sunday Jan 12
2:00 - 2:30 PM
Medallia Stage, Hall E, Level 1
Consumers increasingly value experiences over things and spend their money accordingly. In the same way, the enjoyment of shopping is as much about the excitement of discovering, learning and talking about a product as it is the act of purchasing.... Read more