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Why is there a robot in my store?

Monday, January 14
Innovation Stage, Level 4
Why is there a robot in my store?
Retail robotics is no longer the stuff of science fiction. While robots have - and continue to - transform logistical operations, they increasingly operate in the “front of the house” interacting with customers, stocking shelves and collecting massive amounts of data that inform marketing and merchandising operations. We asked Joseph Skorupa (Editorial Director, RIS News, Nick Bertram (President, Giant Foods), Tim Rowland (CEO, Badger Technologies) and Steven Platt (Research Director, Retail Analytics Council, Northwestern University to talk about how retailers are using robotics to maximum advantage, the points where AI and robotic technology intersect, where the hidden data opportunities are, how customers and employees react to robots, and what the near-term future is for robotic technology.
Joe Skorupa
Editorial Director
RIS News
Nick Bertram
GIANT Food Stores, LLC
Steven Keith Platt
Director and Research Fellow
Retail Analytics Council (RAC)
Tim Rowland
Badger Technologies