Voice in retail: It speaks, it listens, it’s impacting our real world businesses

January 16
11:00 am11:45 am
River Pavilion, Level 4, commercetools Stage
You may know it as smart speaker, or the voice that tells jokes to your kids. You may think it’s a marketing channel, or only available through Big Tech.

Think again. A number of leading retailers know conversational artificial intelligence – voice assistance -- as a technology that is creating operational efficiencies (from warehouse to store), aiding employee retention, and lifting brand affinity. A technology that’s not only on the roadmap, but in implementation. (And in ways you may not expect.)

Join industry leader Vicki Cantrell and top executives from retail and entertainment as she pulls back the covers on the value of voice and retail, and explores the questions you’d ask: what’s real, what’s not, and what’s next? Where and how is this better than what we’re doing now? How do we protect the privacy of our customers – and our own data? How do we get started, and with whom?
Glenn Allison

Glenn Allison

Vice President, Customer Facing Applications
Tractor Supply Company
Donald Buckley

Donald Buckley

Co-head, Lullaboo Studios, Founder
Treehouse Consulting, LLC
Mirko Saul

Mirko Saul

Head of Innovation
Schwarz Digital GmbH & Co. KG