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Visionary voices of ambition, purpose and inclusion

Monday, January 13
SAP QualtricsXM Theatre, Level 1
Visionary voices of ambition, purpose and inclusion

​Transforming business, from the retail industry and beyond, calls for action – beyond all the talk – to unlock and drive performance and possibilities. And when it comes to leading the way, some of the biggest moves are coming from female executives. Visionary voices from retail’s biggest players are joined by CEO Action leaders to share fresh and successful strategies, battle-tested tactics, and takeaways that are both tangible and actionable.

Overflow seating available at the Medallia Stage, Hall E, Level 1.

Sponsored by:

Shannon Schuyler
Principal, Chief Purpose & Inclusion Officer
Mercedes Abramo
President and CEO
Cartier North America
Shawn Outler
Chief Diversity Officer
Macy’s Inc.
Tammy Sheffer
Chief People Officer
Rent the Runway