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Under pressure: Supply in the spotlight

Wednesday, January 16
Marriott Marquis, 5th Fl, Westside Ballroom, Salon 3
Under pressure: Supply in the spotlight

For those in the know, supply chain has always been the engine of execution in retail - but today its moment in the spotlight is imminent. As retail’s shift away from the traditional big box model gathers pace, the logistics situation is clearly getting more complicated, on top of the usual boardroom desire to cut costs and boost efficiency. Now, visibility of the supply chain has reached the shoppers, who have soaring expectations about cost, availability and delivery set by a handful of retailers happy to trade margin for market share. Add to that consumers’ growing need to be sure that the things they buy are sustainable, authentic and ethically produced and it’s clear the pressure is on like never before.

With a number of transformative technologies just over the horizon, innovation will be vital to ease the tension. This must-see talk by retail trends specialist Alex Sbardella from GDR Creative Intelligence will explore what innovation in supply chain means in 2019, and the lessons to be learned from those on the cutting edge: from blockchain, analytics, EVs and automation, to the gig economy, new approaches to last-mile, and how to handle returns.

Alex Sbardella
SVP, Global Innovation
GDR Creative Intelligence