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Trust and courage: Key ingredients for new platforms in retail

Tuesday, January 15
Qualtrics Theatre, Level 1
Trust and courage: Key ingredients for new platforms in retail
Many retail leaders feel the imperative to transform and reinvent their businesses in response to the disruptive impact of new competitors and innovative technologies. They are exploring a future of what is possible by placing trust in their organization’s strengths with the strengths of third parties, resulting in new and unexpected operating models. From new marketplace and last-mile fulfillment services to joint-industry blockchain-enabled initiatives, new operating arrangements require a degree of courage and trust through transparency the industry never envisioned just a few years ago. This panel will explore how retailers seek to leverage their capabilities as platforms for new business models and sources of revenue to remain relevant and agile in the wake of industry disruption.
Bridget van Kralingen
SVP, Global Industries, Clients, Platforms & Blockchain
IBM Corporation
Cyril Bourgois
Chief Strategy, Digital and Innovation Officer
Groupe Casino
Mark Hanna
Chief Marketing Officer
Richline Group Inc.
Leanne Kemp