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Store of the future: Rethinking physical retail's role and strategy

Sunday, January 12
Shyft Stage, Level 4
Store of the future: Rethinking physical retail's role and strategy

The digital transformation journey is impacting retail business models and is driving a new approach to stores.  

Physical locations will play a key role in acquiring new clients, collecting data, building relationships and operating as fulfillment centers, delivery points and service providers.  

Combining low friction with elevated experience will be crucial for the success of the stores. Emerging business models will require new KPIs, metrics and ways of measuring the store’s contribution to the brand.  

This session examines the need to re-define the store’s strategic value and contribution in a digitally transformed retail model.  

It will explore how Rituals Cosmetics have grown from 1 to 800+ standalone stores around the world, updating each store concept with different building blocks, unique to its customers. The success of the Brazilian footwear brand Melissa with its experiential global lifestyle store concepts that are all kinds of cool. Attendees can lastly learn from the leading Brazilian house of premium brands Soma Group which is building a successful portfolio of fashion retail brands and chains - developing internationally.

Alberto Serrentino
Varese Retail
Fabio Barreto
CEO FARM Rio Global
Grupo de Moda Soma
Richard Lems
Director, Format and Store
Rituals Cosmetics
Raquel Metz Scherer
Managing Director