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Rewiring retail thinking to celebrate diversity

Monday, January 13
Shyft Stage, Level 4
Rewiring retail thinking to celebrate diversity

It's not just about fit, it's about fitting in. With more consumers shopping at brands that reflect their own values, leading retailers are taking a bold, vocal point of view on the biggest social and cultural issues of our time to create a more authentic, personal relationship with shoppers. Bonobos offers  "a fit for every man and a place where all men fit."  At Universal Standard the goal is to erase the line between "us" and "them" by levelling the fashion field and creating unprecedented access for all bodies, regardless of size.  Find out how these companies are raising the bar on diversity and inclusion and evolving their brands to be more in sync with today’s consumer. 

Chip Cutter
The Wall Street Journal
Micky Onvural
Alexandra Waldman
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Universal Standard