Rethinking returns: Strategies that keep customers and shape retail’s future

January 15
2:45 pm3:15 pm
River Pavilion, goTRG Stage
In today's dynamic retail landscape, the return process is in a pivotal moment in the customer journey, a make-or-break experience that can either fortify loyalty or fracture trust. Moderated by goTRG, a leading returns management company, this panel discussion will feature a diverse trio of powerhouses from retail enterprises and manufacturers to Shopify brands that represent the full spectrum of modern retail. Panelists will share their insights, strategies, and secrets and help others discover how to deliver an unparalleled returns experience that delights customers every step of the way; harness cutting-edge software to craft dynamic, flexible return policies that cater to evolving consumer needs, from "keep it" options to seamless exchanges; identify and reward trusted customers, turning them into brand ambassadors; and navigate the intricate backend of the returns process, ensuring your supply chain is primed for success and profitability. Don't let your brand be left behind. Join us to rethink, reimagine, and revolutionize your returns strategy.
Tony Sciarrotta

Tony Sciarrotta

Executive Director and Publisher
Reverse Logistics Association

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