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Reshaping the retail store experience at Dunn-Edwards

Sunday, January 12
Stage 1, Expo, Level 1
Reshaping the retail store experience at Dunn-Edwards
Retailers must re-imagine stores in the digital age. Stores continue to evolve from individual points of commerce to hubs of fulfillment, service and experience. Retailers are using stores to inspire shoppers with more interactive brand engagement while improving the profitability across their operations. In the midst of this change, the traditional point-of-sale is evolving to provide multi-dimensional capabilities that accelerate store performance. Join Toshiba and Dunn-Edwards, the leading paint manufacturer in the Southwestern USA, to explore the future of point-of-sale amid emerging new retail store experiences.
Fredrik Carlegren
Executive Director, Global Marketing
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
Rich Stefani
CIO, Group Vice President of Technology
Nippon Paint (USA), Inc.