Re-imagining online holiday shopping: How luxury brands are innovating holiday shopping experiences

January 16
1:15 pm1:45 pm
Javits North Level 4, Room 404, Twilio Stage
In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly digitally savvy, experimental and having higher expectations for their retail experiences, luxury brands are constantly thinking of new ways to impress customers. In China, e-commerce innovation is key to attracting consumers, especially the millions participating in annual holiday shopping events. Luxury brands are now at the forefront of courting these digitally savvy consumers. In this session, find out how a leading luxury brand works with Alibaba’s Tmall Luxury Pavilion to delight consumers and enhance their shopping experiences, including tailored livestreams, bespoke capsule collections and immersive metaverse shopping. 
Mei Chen

Mei Chen

Director Fashion and Luxury North America, UK and Northern Europe - Globalization Business
Alibaba Group
Renee Klein

Renee Klein

Vice President, Global Digital Experience and Customer Marketing