Quantifying retail media in-store success: Measurement and innovation

January 13
10:55 am11:40 am
Javits North, Level 4
For in-store media to deliver on its promise, brands and retailers must agree upon in-store measurement requirements, which are rapidly evolving. In this premiere of a new white paper, Jeffrey Bustos of the IAB, will present current in-store best practices and contextualize why in-store measurement is important, exploring how in-store standards fit into the IAB's larger RMN standardization project. Topics include full-funnel attribution, proving incrementality, and the multiplier effects of in-store media.

Then, Bustos will lead a panel discussion on the mechanics of in-store measurement strategy, focusing on practical approaches and considerations to in-store success data. The group will discuss what's required from the brand, the retailer and the consumer, to make in-store measurement a truly effective part of in-store RMN success. What are the challenges, success stories and future improvements required to measure effectively for success and growth of in-store retail media?

This event is part of What's in store for Retail Media Networks. Pre-registration and separate fee required.
Claire Wyatt

Claire Wyatt

VP, Business Strategy and Marketing Science
Albertsons Media Collective