Progress report: How the economic recovery is poised to support consumerism and diversity in 2022 - Featuring Morgan Stanley Vice Chair, Carla Harris

January 18
9:15 am9:45 am
Javits North, Level 5, SAP Theatre
Consumers’ spending power has grown more in the past 20 months than in any time prior. Carla Harris, Morgan Stanley Vice Chair and Senior Client Advisor of Global Wealth Management extrapolates which impacts on businesses, consumers and the global retail industry will affect the near-term health of the global economy and how this might translate to vigorous consumer spending continuing to surge forward or revert and recede. Carla is a sought after speaker responsible for improving the access to capital for female and multicultural founders, as well as increasing client connectivity at Morgan Stanley.  Hear one of the most admired business thinkers unveil the philosophy behind the true leadership, with memorable stories, lessons and practical advice from a leader who truly believes in human magic.