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Predicting the future of retail: A VC perspective

Tuesday, January 16
Innovation Lab Stage, Level 4
Predicting the future of retail: A VC perspective
We all know the retail industry is going through massive disruption right now. With 6,300 stores shutting down in 2017, everyone is expecting 2018 to bring even more change. As the digitization of retail continues to accelerate, everyone keeps asking: "What's next in retail?" "Where should we be placing our bets to stay ahead of the game?" Join Veronika Sonsev, Partner, Chameleon Collective, as she leads our powerhouse VC panel in a discussion on the most important industry trends, what sectors are getting their funding, and what their perspectives are on AI, store technologies and moonshot innovations.
Veronika Sonsev
Chameleon Collective
Beth Ferreira
Managing Director
FirstMark Capital
Scott Friend
Managing Director
Bain Capital Ventures
Alex Taussig
Lightspeed Venture Partners
Janie Yu
Fung Capital

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