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Pocket brands: Why Facebook and Instagram think social is the fastest growing sales channel

Sunday, January 12
Medallia Stage, Hall E, Level 1
Pocket brands: Why Facebook and Instagram think social is the fastest growing sales channel

Shopping capabilities on social media platforms are evolving with lightning speed. Already a vital part of many consumers' discovery and purchase journey, capabilities such as the arrival of Instagram's seamless in-app checkouts - adopted by the likes of Nike and MAC Cosmetics - confirms how content and commerce are merging. It's clear that social is fast becoming a vehicle for driving more sales, more efficiently, and for connecting with customers more directly.

This discussion will focus on the brands and retailers using social media in innovative ways to both sell products and communicate with customers well beyond the transaction. With the latest buy buttons, apps and e-commerce plug-ins, social media channels are helping retailers take the friction out of the buying process. We will discuss the best ways to engage with Gen Z for social selling, and how retailers might even drive traffic to physical stores or harness customer feedback to inform future (product) decisions with the right kinds of social interactions. The panel will share examples of engagement and loyalty-building via social media that is delivering sales growth, promoting the brand mission and reaching new customers in interesting ways. This session will also ask what's next, how will social commerce look in 5 or 10-years' time, and why it's so important for brands to jump in.

Alexis DeSalva Kahler
Senior Analyst, Retail and eCommerce
Layla Amjadi
Product Lead
Instagram Shopping
Amy Eschliman
Senior Vice President, Sephora ECommerce
Asher Rapkin
Head of Messenger & Emerging Platforms, Global Business Marketing